The Norwegian System for the Exchange of Food Chain Information (FCI)

The innovation project EyeAM – digital transformation of meat control has created an animation that shows the flow of food chain information in the meat value chain. The animation was made by Animalia in collaboration with NMBU Læringsverkstedet. 

Project EyeAM receives support from the Research Fund for Agriculture and Food Industry (FFL/JA). You can read more about the EyeAM project on NFR's project database here.

Food chain information is information that the Norwegian Food Safety Authority requires to permit the slaughter of animals. It is important that such information is easy to enter, find and use. The Norwegian system for food chain information has a high standard in European context, and shows how cooperation between farmers, slaughterhouses and the public sector helps to ensure safe food production.

The animation provides an overview of the systems for exchanging food chain information in Norway. (Click the play button to watch the video.)