Financing and Key Indicators

Animalia, Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Centre, is mainly funded by Norwegian farmers, through R&D projects and the sale of services.

We operate under the supervision of the Board and the Norwegian Agriculture Agency which administrate the sales tax on slaughter and eggs. This is regulated by law, and controlled by the The Agricultural Marketing Board. The farmers pay a sales tax per kilogram at slaughter and first-time sale of eggs. Payment of the sales tax goes to three different funds: 

  • the cattle, pig, and sheep/lamb fund
  • the chicken and turkey fund
  • the egg fund

We present the strategy and action plan, as well as the budget and accounts for Animalia. Animalia reports the use of sales tax per fund.

Income from projects and sales

In addition to sales tax, Animalia receives income from the sale of services and products. Animalia also receives support for research and development projects from public project financing sourches such as the Research Council of Norway, research funds under the Agricultural Agreement, the fund for research fees on agricultural product, Innovation Norway, and EU funds.

For the development and operation of industry-shares tasks, 72,8 million NOK in sales tax were expended in 2022. Income from R&D projects and the sale of services and materiales amounted to 55 million NOK.