Animal Health

Good animal health is fundamental for the welfare of animals. Additionally, good animal health is a competitive advantage for Norwegian livestock production.

The Norwegian livestock industry has for many years collaborated with veterinary authorities and professional communities to monitor and combat infectious animal diseases. The goal has been to eradicate viruses and bacteria that affect both animals and farmers, and also undermine the economic aspects of production. The Norwegian livestock animals have uniquely good animalth health and receive remarkably low levels of antibiotics from an international perspective. Healthy animals do not need medications.

Animalia is actively working to contribute to the best possible animal health in Norwegian food-producing livestock production. Animalia engages in preventive health work and organised disease control for the industry. This includes the coordination and leadership of the four animal health services:

  • Pig Health Service
  • Poultry Health Service
  • Sheep Health Service
  • Cattle Health Service

Additionally, we collaborate with the Goat Health Service, led by Tine, on common challenges and initiatives.

The Norwegian Animal Health Recording System

Animalia joined forces with Tine and Geno to establish the Norwegian Animal Health Recording System. This was to address the growing need for secure and up-to-date information about health events and medication use for production animals. A key idea is that simple and secure reporting ensures both data reporting and quality. The principle that data is reported once, in one place, and then made available to all with a legitimate need underlies the system.

  • A reporting platform, the Animal Health Portal, where veterinarians and producers can report health events and medication use, and semen personnel can report semen-related events.
  • A communication hub where information about health events, medication use, and semen data is quality-assured and distributed to users with a legitimate need for them.