Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Center

Animalia’s mission is to add value, reduce cost and create trust in the Norwegian meat and poultry industry.

To achieve this we believe in international cooperation. Collaboration with others contributes to finding “best practise” solutions for our customers, and challenges the Norwegian industry to benchmark itself against international companies. Animalia’s strengths are to provide new knowledge and targeted actions throughout the whole production chain, from animal husbandry via slaughtering and cutting, to processing and finally the meat or poultry product.

Animalia's vision is to strengthen Norwegian meat and poultry production throughout the value chain. Cooperation with other companies and research centres is a key to increase our industry's competitive edge. We always welcome potential partners to contact us to explore possibilities and establish innovative projects.

Contact information

Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Centre
P.O. Box 396 Okern
0513 Oslo - Norway

Tel: +47 23 05 98 00
Telefax: + 47 73 56 48 10

Publisert: 04.12.2012